Great Writing Links

Playing off a blog on John Shore’s site, I feel compelled to list some of my favorite sites for writing advice after you first read his advice here .

My list necessarily includes job sites for journalists and is heavy on journalist style and advice. That’s because I’m a journalist. Probably always will be for life even though most of the time these days I don’t want to be.

The first entry on the list is good, all-around writing advice that applies to almost every category. That is Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab. Purdue has a grammar hotline number I’ve posted on my desk at every newspaper I worked. The OWL link is .

Check out this excerpt for their grammar hotline number:

“The Writing Lab at Purdue’s Grammar Hotline is available during the Lab’s normal operating hours: just call 765-494-3723. Although it’s called the “Grammar Hotline,” our tutors are available to answer quick questions on almost any writing- or research-related subject. Believe it or not, our grammar hotline has even fielded questions from researchers on TV gameshows!”

After such grammatical excitement, there’s yet more excitement at a “citizen journalist” website . The site provides solid advice on writing a blog I HAVE YET TO FOLLOW. But it’s good advice that I’ll need to review and try to implement.

From there we can go on to professional helps such as journalist toolbox, a favorite of mine. Find it here and come back to me a year from now when you’re done exploring all their links.

And if you think you’re ready for your first paying journalism gig, go here , here (note that Craig’s List links to major cities. The entry to look under at a Craig’s List site is “Writing Gigs.”) or here (more advice as well) and one of my favorite sites that even hosts get-togethers (but not for hassling editors about jobs) Jobs can be found there as well as courses you have to pay for (boo!).

Now on to fiction writing.

First off is a link to another site with multiple links Surprisingly, it is in my favorite genre, science fiction. Don’t scoff and leave if you’re not a fan because it still has great links to tips and writing advice that applies across genres as well as a page devoted to literary agent scams that is invaluable if you are as gullible as I. (No, you can’t use my checking account for money-laundering).

From there is a popular writer’s site that features FREE advice – It won’t take long to figure out the author’s religious background, but for you fundamentalist Baptists out there please don’t be put off.

And for said fundamentalists bent on a career in Christian publishing, there is always… Personally, I’ve applied to Chuck Colson’s prison ministry a couple of times. They send out the nicest rejection letters.

My own desire is to use my meager writing talents to glorify God. That does not necessarily mean writing for a Christian publication. It does mean when you write for almost any publication seek to glorify God.

I’ll leave it to God and you to figure out the details.


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  1. Thanks for all the good links here:), and I am happy to read journo’s blog online, a lot of people I know are journos!

    Must explore all the links here…..would you mind if I added you to my blogroll?

  2. Oooh, I’m bookmarking this. Thanks for the links!

  3. hey 🙂
    its very reasonable article.
    Nice post.
    realy gj

    thank you 😉

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