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Fun with time, space and resolutions

What great fun it is to be able to write something on Jan. 2 and have it post Dec. 31. I feel as though I’ve gone back in time.

I started my last blog entry on Dec. 31 but wanted to take some time to try and figure out the formatting to make it easier to read. I gave up. When selecting publish, the darn entry came up under Dec. 31.

So to meet my goal of at least two blog entries a week I had to recount more resolutions. Many of them are common sense. Others tie in to Christ-like living.

So these are my other New Year Resolutions:

1: I will not get sick this year. I’m currently tired of hacking up half my lungs and need what’s left to keep the air going. My sister, whose very nice basement I live in with huge-screen TV, continually shoves anti-coughing medication at me in an attempt at peace and quite around bedtime. Attempts to shake this awful respiratory ailment continue to fail and I awake sometimes gasping for air. 

As an EMT once told me “The air goes in and out, the blood goes ’round and ’round. Any deviation from this is a bad thing.”

2: I will not take my car to an unknown mechanic. I just had what started out as a simple starter replacement balloon to include diagnostics and a busted head gasket. The starter job ended at $550 – $134 for the starter (which I found online for $65) and the rest labor. The shop threw in the $56 diagnostic fee after I told them the problem was a bad starter. They charged me $56 to confirm this. For anyone interested, the shop is Mr. Tire (formerly Craven’s Auto and Tire) on Sterling Boulevard in Sterling, Virginia. Per my friends at church, I should have driven west to Winchester or West Virginia. Unfortunately, my car wouldn’t go a block and I was lucky to get towing for $3.50 (First three miles were free, then $3.50 a mile afterward). When Proverbs says “In the abundance of counselors there is wisdom,” believe it. Of course, I believe all of the Bible. I just can’t explain all of it other than II Timothy 3:16 “All scripture is inspired by God….”

3: Don’t borrow another dime. See above. If you know anything about investing you know what margin is. I’ve been throughly convinced that no matter how hot a stock tip or how good the fundamentals borrowing to buy stock is a bad idea. I did so just before the market began correcting last October. I still owe $430. I already learned my lesson with credit cards and health care. Borrowing is just plain stupid and bad. I’d rather work two jobs and probably will before the end of this year.

4: See Dec. 31, 2007 blog. Use the calendar to navigate – I’m too lazy to put in the link and busy coughing. This is all stream-of-consciousness anyway, you see. I must get a higher paying job even though my current supervisor, manager and teammates have been the best ever. And if you look at how long I’ve worked detailed on my resume (I left out the newspaper carrier and lifeguard work) that’s a long time. No group has ever given as much to me with the possible exception of my church group. My children are so thankful for their Christmas provided by my co-workers.

5: Get a part-time job writing or continue to suffer the agony of writing for free. I really get a lift to my ego to see my name in print, I’ll admit. But beyond that I’d settle to receive cash for writing sans byline. I’m looking for any paying gig writing that I can do on the side to supplement my meager income at my rewarding job. I love helping people, but not enough to join the peace corps as a mentor once sarcastically suggested when I told him that.

6: This probably should lead the list. I want to act kinder toward family and friends. Heck, I’ll even throw in strangers. I’m still trying to escape jerkdom even though it be the passive-aggressive kind.

7: Spend more time in God’s word. Another top priority. It’s so easy for me to escape into computer games or science fiction. Becoming what God wants me to be should have priority over slaying various monsters or reading science fiction. I don’t think he’d mind me becoming a Christian Science Fiction writer though. That leads to the next resolution.

8: Exercise more self-discipline at writing. Just look at this page and tell me it is the polished prose of a professional writer. God doesn’t want sloppy writers. Neither do publishers. I definitely need to go back to basic writing boot camp. Combine that with re-learning lost critical thinking skills and maybe I’ll make something of myself as an essayist.

9: Get back in good physical shape. Work out. Walk more. See life improve. This desk job is killing me. When I worked 72 hours a week in a factory stacking newspaper inserts my physique improved dramatically. Of course, that was followed by nearly going insane, but we won’t go there.

10: I will pray more. I’m in almost constant contact with God, but I’m not sure if pleading mostly about my wants and needs is what God had in mind when it says in His word “Pray without ceasing.”

I figure I’ll stop there. As soon as let my friends and relatives know about the new posting, I’m sure they’ll have other suggestions for me.


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