Self-promotion for the New Year

In the interest of self-disclosure (and promotion) me, the writer at this blog site, wishes to post my alleged qualifications for writing below and see what results. My current employer has been hidden for obvious reasons – that of continued employment.

My top New Year’s Resolution is to get a much higher-paying job in writing.

What better way than to post my resume where few people except relatives will see it and even fewer pray for me.

Before I get to the qualifications I’d like to add that I’m a parent of two, currently separated but seeking reconciliation with my estranged wife, have written everything from music and movie reviews to an operations manual for a silicon manufacturing plant, a Christian actively following Jesus, fantasy investor longing for the day when I can invest real cash and writer of many strange e-mails.

One may note that I haven’t quite gotten the hang of this wordpress blog site. Below is some real ugly formatting resulting from the cut and paste of my resume with even headings disappearing. I think it’s some fun to figure out what I’m trying to say there.

Incidently, the few Christian publications I’ve written for have long since ceased publication. I had nothing to do with it. An Assembly of God publication paid me before going under. I had nothing to do with that particular denomination other than writing about them. Not that there is anything wrong with the denomination, I just don’t want to misrepresent myself as being a member when I did everything for them for cold, hard cash. I did have a little trouble cashing the check but was able to just the same.


Mr. Adams is a self-directed communications professional offering proven experience gathering, writing, editing, and publishing technical information.  He is highly-organized with a proven ability to compose technical documents tailored to specific audiences and purposes.  Mr. Adams is also proficient in producing technical documents and publications by analyzing and evaluating data and converting it to a reader-friendly format.  Additionally, he is adept in the use of interviews to gain specific insight for written documents, procedures, and specifications.

In other words, I can write just about anything if shown an example. Think of me as the writer’s equivalent of a musician who plays by ear.

Specific Areas of Proficiency

·        Writing and editing technical documents and publications (an in depth technical background from electronics work at the United States Air Force)

·        Communicating, both verbal and written

·        Explaining detailed and complicated topics in easy-to-understand reports

·        Interviewing personnel and researching topics to obtain necessary information

·        Researching, reviewing, and analyzing raw data

·        Adapting in-depth investigative writing style as well as other styles

·        Facilitating problem-solving and goals-oriented meetings with others

·        Winning and maintaining trust of well-known sources

Writing Awards

·        First Place Award for Feature Writing, Arkansas Press Association, 2002

·        Third Place Award for Crime Reporting, Idaho Press Association, 1995

·        James M. Cox Public Service Award for Branch-Davidian coverage, 1993

·        First Place Award for Feature Series, Texas Associated Press Managing Editors, 1992 (team member)

·        Gold Crown Award, Columbia School of Journalism, 1989

·        Honorable Mention, Columbia School of Journalism, 1989

·        First Place Award for Magazine Writing, Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, 1989

And some headline writing awards are missing as well.

Key Accomplishments

·        Produced newsletter for Power Engineers using IT technical writing and editing skills and templates

·        Worked with various file formats to produce technical manual

·        Led team to produce quality newspapers, realizing significant market acceptance

·        Helped publication achieve a 6 percent profit during a three-month period

·        Instituted a culture of constant feedback to ensure consistency and efficiency

·        Wrote successful column for more than three years

·        Played instrumental role in launch of weekly day trip series that led to increased readership

·        Implemented creative story ideas and deployed exceptional organizational skills to supervise newsgathering leading to award-winning coverage of community.


B.A.         Communications/Journalism, University of Texas

                Minor: Business Management

Computer Skills

·        Microsoft Office Suite 2003

·        Photoshop and other graphics applications

·        Microsoft Windows XP

Professional Experience

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                              Sterling, VA

Help Desk Representative                                                                                2/2006 – Present

Key Achievements:  

·        Reviews and edits technical documentation in trouble tickets to help specialists  resolve problems

·        Assists employees with benefit questions on the xxx answer desk using technical  documents and several databases in different formats

·        Learned of problem with xxx website that left company employees vulnerable to security risks and promptly notified technicians who corrected problem.

LABOR READY                                                                                Winchester, VA

Technical Writer                                                                    4/2005 – 1/2006

Key Achievements:  

·        Helped edit and correct field reports on hurricane damage as a subcontractor to submit to FEMA

·        Worked at several worksites well enough to gain company favor with clients

·        Asked repeatedly to return to worksites due to work ethic and quality of work

MAYOR TROY BURLESON                                                               Diamond City, AR

Contract Associate Grants Coordinator                                          9/2004 – 3/2005

Key Achievements:  

·        Coordinated with Mayor Burleson on several city infrastructure and community projects that needed funding including the expansion of the Diamond City Walking Trail.

·        Reviewed trail expansion plans and its projected costs in order to submit grant proposal to the Northwest Arkansas Economic Development Corporation.

·        Helped to successfully negotiate with landowners to donate land for trail extension.

·        Helped with presentation to developer convincing him of the merits of building in Diamond City.

NORTH ARKANSAS COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                  Harrison, AR

Continuing Education Instructor, Photoshop 7                               8/2002 – 5/2003

Key Achievements:

·        Used Microsoft PowerPoint as a teaching aid.

·        Read and evaluated Photoshop materials, then adapted them to a basic course.

·        Evaluated students’ needs and set education goals, allocated resources, established deadlines, and monitored progress.

HARRISON DAILY TIMES                                                                  Harrison, AR

Associate Editor                                                                                     8/2001 – 9/2004

Key Achievements:

·        Wrote articles and a weekly column for publication.

·        Served as liaison between management staff and contributing writers.

·        Read and evaluated materials submitted for publication.

·        Managed major projects by setting project goals, allocating resources, establishing deadlines, and monitoring progress.

·        Coached writers using Purdue University writing tips and other aids. As a result, reporters put extra effort into many stories.

·        Proofread articles for daily publication, checking for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

·        Edited articles to improve readability and maintain consistent style of writing.

·        Acted as page designer for the general news section.

PORT ARTHUR NEWS                                                              Port Arthur, Texas

County and City Reporter                                                                          5/98 to 7/2001

Key Achievements:

·        Built rapport and trust with county officials.

·        Explained complex issues to readers.

·        Earned newspaper prestige by winning second-place feature writing award from the Southeast Texas Press Club.

·        Produced articles for special tabloid sections while continuing to perform regular duties.

·        Used information-gathering skills to compose articles explaining county government and services.

MANUFACTURING INNOVATIONS GROUP                               Wenatchee, WA

Technical Writer                                                                                             5/97 to 8/97

Key Achievements:

·        Worked with graphic artist to develop illustrations and flow charts for publication.

·        Took photographs for manual.

·        Interviewed engineers to compile and write process information for operators.

·        Applied knowledge of interviewing, writing, editing and proofreading to develop new technical manuals for a silicon manufacturing facility. Performed multiple tasks and met deadlines.

POWER ENGINEERS                                                                                Hailey, Idaho

Project Assistant/Technical Writer                                                             11/95 to 4/98

Key Achievements:

·        Effectively wrote, took photographs and published company newsletter.

·        Applied knowledge of interviewing, writing, editing and proofreading to develop new technical manuals for a silicon manufacturing facility. Performed multiple tasks and met deadlines.

·        Assisted several departments with documentation.

·        Helped with marketing materials, took photographs and made presentations for marketing project.

VARIOUS NEWSPAPERS                                                             1993 – 1995


Key Achievements:

·        Acted as editor, reporter, and page designer for three weekly newspapers.

·        Wrote editorials and stories on a myriad of subjects.

·        Negotiated with freelance photographer for photographs.

WACO TRIBUNE HERALD                                                                Waco, Texas

Editor, Farm page/Reporter                                                                  1990 – 1993

Key Achievements:

·        Wrote prize-winning stories as part of a series on the savings and loan scandals.

·        Won the James M. Cox Public Service Award for contributing stories and photos of the Branch-Davidian incident.

·        Composed the farm page using wire and local stories.

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE                                                                  Austin, Texas

Ground Radio Electronics Technician                                                           1982-1985

Key Achievements:

·        Successfully completed advance electronics training necessary to troubleshoot down to the component. Able to use schematics for troubleshooting.

·        Trained others to maintain and repair electronic equipment.

·        Maintained technical manuals and reported errors to publishing entity.

·        Awarded good conduct medal and given honorable discharge.



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