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God rest ya’ll merry folk

God uses people sometimes when they don’t even know they’re being used.
I think this is so cool, especially when he gives me a glimpse at what He’s up to.
For example, God used my fellow team members where I work to grace me with $260 to “buy a good Christmas for my kids.”
Not to take anything away from my co-workers. They made a conscious decision to give to me unselfishly.
Thank God AND them.
In addition, another team member bought actual gifts to give my son and daughter, sparing me the agony of figuring out what they would like and fighting the usual shopping mall hordes.
As soon as I saw the gifts, I knew they would be well received by the children.
These are just the latest in a series of what can only be called blessings.
Okay, I’d rather call them good stuff but will leave the “blessings” reference in for my Baptist friends.
Now since October when my whining about life stopped and my readings and self-analysis led me to take responsibility for my actions, praising God has become easier and easier – even when bad or goofy stuff happens to me or my loved ones.
I’ve dropped no hints at work about my situation but had evidently whined too much already. I’ve tried to mend bridges and become more responsible at work and home.
At church, when asked how I was doing I’d just smile and tell the person asking “Okay.” My only prayer request was that God would help me grow up, meaning mature in all aspects of life.
God has opened my eyes.
Scales fell all over the floorboard of my church-given car.
You just can’t see them for the fast-food debris and children’s drawings, but they are there.
So it’s all good.
Those scales (See Acts 9:18) kept me from seeing the truth.
Of course, you may ask what fish jumped up and slapped me across the eyes to blind me?
And I’ll respond “what the heck are you talking about? Why the weird metaphor?”
Sure something is fishy – my lack of responsibility for my own actions at such old age (I’m 47 on Dec. 27).
Reading C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” – expanded version – helped me see this as well as scripture.
So this all led to less whining, less blaming, more responsibility.
But I can’t begin to fathom why so many un-asked for blessings came from my co-workers and God other than to say “God’s grace.”
Because I can guarantee my state was such the old saying “There but for the grace of God go I” applied to me used to be “There without God’s grace am I.”
To illustrate, a friend wrote and remarked “Glad things are looking up for you.” I replied, “Yes, things in the gutter are now looking up at me instead of sideways.”
But I’ve still got a ways to go before I’m up over the curb.
God’s helping me there.
Once I accepted His grace and diligently sought to repent, good things started happening.
God told me to read Job, so I know good things aren’t always going to happen just because I follow Him.
But hey, right now it’s all good.
My family is good.
My co-workers are good.
I’m good (in the “well-being” sense of the word – my behavior still needs modification).
My children’s grades are good.
The gifts and cash are good.
Ultimately, my co-workers followed the example set by God when He sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ, something we’re supposed to be remembering this Christmas season.
He gave a good gift.
They gave a good gift.
I hope I may bless you and pass along good gifts.
Okay, at least use my under-developed spiritual gifts to bless you.
Then God will have used me too.
Love and good vibes to all and as my Episcopalian friends like to say,
“The peace of the Lord be with you.”

Merry Christmas ya’ll.


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  1. Hey Sam, Merry Christmas back to you!

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