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More than just another blog…

Coming from a background where publications paid me to write news stories, writing for free here won’t come easy.

However, there are too many interesting people pursuing interesting activities escaping notice of media outlets. There also remains problems out there needing solving and many seeking solutions go unheralded.

Then there’s just the plain odd and the strange.

In addition to my own writing, I plan to link to other credible, entertaining and informative writers – not just bloggers – who want to put words into print that mean something or at least lift readers’ spirits.

Bloggers are putting too many words out there without accountability. I hope to change that with this site also.

Maybe my goals are a bit pretentious.

When I told a mentor of mine how I always wanted to help people (referring to my writing) he asked why I didn’t join the Peace Corps instead.

Guess I preferred the military.


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